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  1. Age : 11 I am highly mature IGN : Phionex564 Skype : I have 1 but dont use it Youtube Channel : The Phionex / The Legion I will play 4-5 days a week I am a goodie 2shoes :| I think I have said enough Like I said on the last one I am a goody2shoes I think I have said enough :|
  2. IGN : Phionex564 Age : 11 I may be young but even around my (unmature) friends I try to act to the best of my ability I have a small bit of experience but I want to get better with people I acknowledge that cheating, stealing, and greafing will get me banned from the server I do not have skype I will listen to any rules that will not get me banned Timezone : EST Astarte<3 Thank you for your time and for listing to my proposal, Sincerely, Phionex564 Astare<3
  3. IGN : (MInecraft) Phionex564 (IGN) Mr.UltimateGaming Age : 11 highly mature Timezone : Est About You : I am a minecrafter with a youtube channel who wants to play the modpack in a small community I want to join because I have been looking for a small server that can help me on my way I am starting out in this so i want to dabble in witchery I will be on at least around 4-5 days a week
  4. Username : Phionex564 Age : 11 but i am considered very mature ( This was when I was 10, it was a 16 year old, never met him before) Skype : None Record : No Experiance 4 I am a builder and Explorer Buiding 7 (my opinion) I am active 4-5 days a week 3hrs each day No donations I will help the communtity beacuse i try to help out and would like to make other people have fun and be in a good mood. You should pick me because I am active (friendly) helpful and can try to help the server grow.
  5. Basics: In game name:Phionex564 Age:18 Timezone:Est About You: I am a minecraft player (play maby 5 days a week) who has started YouTube and wants to have a fun experience! Describe your Minecraft experience:I do this to play and have fun with people Describe your experience with Minecraft servers:I play on hypixel (only VIP) and I've been trying to find one like this! Have you ever been banned? This is not necessarily a deal-breaker, but please explain what happened:I have never been banned What attracted you to this particular server? I saw that it seemed to be a small active serve
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