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  1. Awesome! We normally look at applications once per day. If we don't get to it today then it will likely be tomorrow. Hope to see you online soon!
  2. MinecraftBoB The Band of Builders Community About Us Established in 2011, the Band of Builders is a server built around a strong and close-knit community. We have recently made the switch from a vanilla server to an Attack of the B-Team server, and are looking to expand with new members and new hardware. Members are expected to be polite and treat people with respect, and you will find that you will be warmly welcomed aboard and into the community. Member events are the norm, such as PvP battles, treasure hunts and survival island, as well as the occasional live stream, and you are of course free to build and explore away as you so desire. The world is brand new, largely unexplored and pre-rendered up to an established border. Some towns are being established while some players prefer to venture forth on their own. No matter who you are, we'd love to see you online. -jere6732, Server Admin, MinecraftBoB. For full info about the server and the community please visit out website: http://minecraftbob.com Server Info The server is a whitelist server. To apply, and obtain the IP, please visit our website: http://minecraftbob.com/becomeamember Server rules are pretty standard and fair. No griefing, no stealing, no PvP without consent and don't harass other players. Full server rules can be found on our website. There are no banned items on our server, although we do ask that you consider other peoples enjoyment, and limit your machines to necessity only to keep memory use to a minimum on the server (although we have plenty). Major plugins include CoreProtect (anti-griefing) and MyChunk (land protection). We also have a number of small custom coded plugins specific to our server. The server is online 24/7, with 99% uptime (restarts once a day).
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