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  1. If anyone would rather watch a video on how to do this, heres the one i made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViKk6KuzR2Y&list=UUcfXuQCOe350RXQOxXIoHsA
  2. Yeah, ok calm down. it was 3 in the morning on a school night. i didnt want to type that all up for an hour solid but i still did. Some people just cant be happy with what they are given
  3. Well i dont know, personally when i see a tutorial i like it to be visual and not just auditory or pure text. I dont know, just me.
  4. I am just curious, did it work for you Huynh? And Curunir, in addition to this, im gonna make a youtube video (some people are visual learners,me included) and i know this has been a HUGE problem for people in the past and seriously, getting the answer straight forward from someone is extremely hard for some reason. So once i figured it out, i decided everyone should know because its useful.
  5. Alright so you have this AWESOME idea in your tekkit server but you dont want to do block by block building and would much rather used World Edit to build it faster? Are there pesky kids greifing your server because you have no protection plugin to prevent from breaking blocks? Well look absolutely NO FURTHER! I have the solution to the good old question of how to get Bukkit plugins on a Tekkit server. Step 1: Make a copy of your entire server folder. Step 2: Go to this link: http://files.minecraftforge.net/Cauldron/ find the version that your tekkit server is running
  6. Hi, so i was wondering, how do i get bukkit plugins on my tekkit server? im on the newest version of tekkit server and i just cant figure this out or find any other answers online. Thanks in advance for any help you provide me.
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