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  1. If anyone would rather watch a video on how to do this, heres the one i made:
  2. Yeah, ok calm down. it was 3 in the morning on a school night. i didnt want to type that all up for an hour solid but i still did. Some people just cant be happy with what they are given
  3. Well i dont know, personally when i see a tutorial i like it to be visual and not just auditory or pure text. I dont know, just me.
  4. I am just curious, did it work for you Huynh? And Curunir, in addition to this, im gonna make a youtube video (some people are visual learners,me included) and i know this has been a HUGE problem for people in the past and seriously, getting the answer straight forward from someone is extremely hard for some reason. So once i figured it out, i decided everyone should know because its useful.
  5. Alright so you have this AWESOME idea in your tekkit server but you dont want to do block by block building and would much rather used World Edit to build it faster? Are there pesky kids greifing your server because you have no protection plugin to prevent from breaking blocks? Well look absolutely NO FURTHER! I have the solution to the good old question of how to get Bukkit plugins on a Tekkit server. Step 1: Make a copy of your entire server folder. Step 2: Go to this link: find the version that your tekkit server is running (currently mine is 1.6.4 so you, most likely, will want 1.6.4 also) but if you dont know the version of your tekkit server, open your server file and in the root there will be a .jar that says "minecraft.server.<version #>" The download that you want to click on is called "installer". Once that downloads, (the file name should be something like "cauldron-1.6.4-1.965.21.89-installer.jar") open it by double clicking it (its a jar file, but it can still be run as an executable) Step 3: So a nice little window will open that says "Minecraft Forge" and there should be 3 options to choose from: Install Client 2. Install Server 3. Extract ******(right now, go onto your desktop and make a new folder. name it whatever you want)******* Once you have made the new folder, Select "Install Server" and then below that is a bar with a location to your appdata folder. You dont want to extract it to your appdata folder, just extract it to the folder that you just created. So to change that go to the right of the location bar and click on the "..." button and map to your "desktop" and then find that new folder you made and click that, now in the lower right of your windows explorer window click "open". So now the location bar that originally had appdata in it, should say something along the lines of "c:usersyourusernameDesktopwhatever the name of the folder you made is" so now click on "ok" in that window. That minecraft forge window should close and a new smaller window should pop up saying "downloading libraries" with a green status bar below it. Once that completes, it will close and a new dialog box will say "Successuflly downloaded minecraft server, downloaded 19 libararies and installed cauldron" Step 4: So now if you go to your Desktop and find that new folder. Inside that new folder should be 2 .jar files and a folder named "libraries" Now go to where your copy of your tekkit server folder is and open it. Inside that should be a folder named "libraries" too. Put both the new folder with the 3 files in it and the copy of your tekkit server folder side by side. In the new folder open up the "libraries" folder. There should be 8 other folders with the names of: com commons-lang javax jline lzma mysql net org Now keep that open and go to your tekkit server copy folder and open up the "libraries" folder inside of that. You should only see 3 folders with the following names: lzma net org If you see that then you are good to go with the next part! Step 5: Go back to the New Folder (were gonna call it that from now on) with the 8 folders in the "Libraries" file. Now take the folder "com" and drag it straight over to your copied tekkit server folder. Do the same thing with: commons-lang, javax, jline, and mysql So now if you look in the New Folder you should only see 3 files: lzma net org and if you look over to the copied tekkit server folder you should see: com commons-lang javax jline lzma mysql net org If you have exactly that, you are doing GREAT! Alright lets keep going, almost done! So now open up "net" in both New Folder and Copied Tekkit Server folder. Notice how New folder has more files than Coped Tekkit Server folder does? Take the files "md-5" and "sourceforge" from New folder and drag them into Copied Tekkit Server folder's "net". So now the only files in New Folder are "minecraft" and "sf" while Copied Tekkit server has 4 files. Now open up "sf" in both windows. The New Folder should have one more file (trove4j) than Copied Tekkit Server folder. Drag "trove4j" to Copied Tekkit server folder. Good now go back to "libraries" in both windows. Now "org" is different too so do what we did previously. Take the files that are NOT in Copied Tekkit Server folder and drag them TO Copied Tekkit Server folder. (You should be left with "ow2" and "scalalang" in New Folder) That should be all that you have to do with the dragging files from one folder to another. GOOD JOB YOURE MAKING AMAZING PROGRESS! DONT STOP NOW! YOUR ARE ALMOST THERE! Final step: Go back to the root of both New Folder and Copied Tekkit server folder. From the New Folder, take the file "cauldron-1.6.4-1.965.21.89-server.jar" and drag it straight over to Copied Tekkit server folder. So now you are all done with the New folder. You can close that window but keep Copied Tekkit server folder open. So you see the "tekkit.jar" file? Delete that. Now take "cauldron-1.6.4-1.965.21.89-server.jar" and right click it. Go to "rename" and rename it "tekkit" (the .jar is automatic) So now if you go to the "launch.bat" and run it, the server should start up and create a "plugins" folder with another folder in it that says "pluginmetrics" within it. stop the server once its done setting up. SO THERE YOU GO! YOU DID IT! YOU CAN ADD AS MANY BUKKIT PLUGINS AS YOU WANT TO YOUR TEKKIT SERVER!!!! next step, installing plugins (this is an easy step) Alright so now go to google or bing or yahoo or whatever you use. Lets first test to make sure this is all working correctly. So type in the search bar "Essentials files Bukkit" hit enter (or search) and it should be the first link ( now since you are running minecraft server 1.6.4 you have to find the Essential version that matches that. So the fifth column over (Game Version is the title) look for "CB 1.6.4-R2.0" and go to your left and click on the file name of " Essentials-2.12.2" (this is a direct link). That will take you to a new page and in the upper right hand corner should be "Download" (this is a safe, direct link for the download) you will have to extract the file so you need some sort of zip or rar extractor (i use winrar, its the best in my opinion) and once you extract it, drag over "essentials.jar" (JUST essentials.jar for now, you can add the others later) to your "plugins" folder in you Copied Tekkit Server Folder. Now go to run.bat and let it all setup. Go into your server and if once you connect you should see "no new mail" in yellow text in the lower left of your screen (where in game chat usually shows) that means Essentials in working! Try out a few commands, do /help essentials for all the commands. Alright well, that wraps up that! Thank you so much for checking this out! if you have any questions, concerns, help, problems or anything, please leave a comment and i will reply within a day! Enjoy your Bukkit+Tekkit server!
  6. Hi, so i was wondering, how do i get bukkit plugins on my tekkit server? im on the newest version of tekkit server and i just cant figure this out or find any other answers online. Thanks in advance for any help you provide me.