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  1. Probaby the laggiest unstable server I have ever played on, takes 10 seconds to open my chest, inventory, furnace... Everything is slow, plus the immature players.
  2. Hmm, so the server HAS been moved or is it going to be moved today? Or tomorrow??
  3. Here in Norway the clock is 15.10, or 15.10PM I think. What is the clock in UK?
  4. Here in Norway the clock is 15.10, or 15.10PM I think. What is the clock in UK?
  5. Hello:) Tell me if there is anything I can do aswell, though I don'y know how to make a website etc. but I will gladly help building the spawn and such! Server is still down over here too=/ The server is moving now isn't it? :)
  6. Sorry I haven't been on lately, school just started. Coming back on soon! -Aspier
  7. Btw, the same things happens when I try to open the HUD for the Pump!
  8. Hi! When I put a lava bucket into my Heat Generator the whole game crashes, any ideas why or what to do to fix this? I use the 1.0.1 Version. -Thanks:)
  9. This server is purely amazing. When they say NO LAG, they mean no lag! Great owner, thank you thagaruda, and great players:) Helpful people is here too for those who wants to learn more about Voltz. APPROVED BY -Prince Aasmund
  10. This server is thrash, I have experienced admins abusing their powers several times and been killed while building and mining by admins. This ChillBilly75, who is one of the leaders and abuses his powers all the time. Do not join this server.
  11. IGN: Aspier Reason for wanting to become a member: I would like a lag-free server with great members and a nice community. Why should we accept you: You should accept me because I'm not only a player, but I will also try and help the other members if needed. I Really enjoy building smart things that is not ugly, if you know what I mean. Compact factories etc. I'm looking forward for your reply Kindly regards, Aspier
  12. Re: [24/7][2.1.1][Quantum Gaming Tekkit Server][42 slots][Whitelist] What happened to the server?
  13. Re: [24/7][2.1.1][Quantum Gaming Tekkit Server][42 slots][Whitelist] IGN: Aspier Have you ever been banned: No What do you plan to do on the server: Built a nice base:) What is your experience level with Tekkit? I know most things, but still learning!