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  1. IGN: Mc_Crafter12 Age (Don't have to say):16 Skype (you may PM me if you wish): i will pm you Why would you like to join the server?: To play with some nice people and a good community! i mean AOTBT is only fun if the community is nice and fun to hang out with Why would other people want you to be on the server?: i am always willing to help! i am nice to others and love awnsering peoples questions that need awnsering i also am a very good helper when it comes to AOTBT hope to see you all soon and play with you too
  2. Minecraft Username: Mc_Crafter12 Where you found this server: I was trying to find one to play on and i seen this one it looked promising Why you want to be on this server: I want to be on this server because it looks like it has amazing people and community and looks like it is alot of fun What are you planning to do on this server: Probably build alot and make new friends along with playing with all the mods in AOTBT Your favourite colour: This si supper hard question tbh i LOVE blue but also i love green so blu-een ahaha Hope to play with you soon
  3. IGN: Mc_Crafter12 Location: Canada Age: 16 Skype: dont want to put it online sorrt Why you want to join: to hang out with some cool people and play attack of bteam with some nice people How experienced are you at the mods: pretty experienced What mod are you best at: witchery :> and some thermal expansion and the other mods i know alot about too
  4. IGN: Mc_Crafter12 First Name: Tyler Skype: mc_crafter_12 Age: 16 What you enjoy doing in AotBT: Witchery, building, necromancy honestly i love everything i mean what isn't there to enjoy doing?! even mining is fun Most importantly write a paragraph: Writing a paragraph is hard but when you got cheese it makes it easy to write like who wouldn't love a nice slice of cheese i mean if you want to do the work or just eat it all and not cut it into slices! When your parents or someone says CHEESE for a pic you just start drooling over the fact they said cheese to be honest i think cheese is
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