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  1. Hello guys and gals! I have been trying to find a fix all day and I have finally found one and I want to share it with you! If you are having trouble playing Technic because the mods are messing up or the game keeps rapidly freezing and unfreezing and/or the graphics are just flickering, you have come to the right place. Here are a few fixes: 1) Update your graphics card. 2) Update windows. and 3) If those two don't work, delete minecraft and technic. Download both of them again. Now, right click Minecraft. Look for properties and click that. Look for the compatibility tab and click that and then switch the compatibility to windows 7 even if you have another version of windows[i have windows 8.1 and it worked for me.] Do the same with Technic. This should get Technic up and running without any flaws! Have fun playing Technic!
  2. So I have posted a similar thread a couple hours ago but I have seemed to be able to fix some of it. However, when I open various gui menus of mods, they bug out . i.e they keep flickering. when I press 'e' at the top of the gui menu thing should be two tabs however they almost instantly go away before I have the chance to click on the tabs. Is there a fix to this? Will I have to individually fix the mods? Also, when I am scrolling down in the mod list, it won't let me scroll down. I can scroll down for a second but then it automatically brings me up again. It is also odd with the search feature. It won't let me search for things because when I click the box it always unclicks if that makes any sense.
  3. Sorry that I had to post this in general discussion since I couldn't find anywhere else to put something like this in. Anyway, I keep having problems with technic. First, it wouldn't let me hit respawn or title screen when I died. It also flickered everyone once in a while[froze and unfroze really rapidly and would show the desktop for a split second.] So I took a wild guess and turned down my resolution. This made things even worse. Now, even in the title screen, javaw.exe keeps very, very rapidly. I don't know what to do at all.
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