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  1. Howdy all, Bit of an issue with my server. It continues to crash every so often, but not a regular crash. We have to manually stop the server, go back in, and start it back up each time. Here's one of the logs I have for you. http://pastebin.com/a6FM1myC What's that? You want more? Well good thing we crash a lot! Here's what I managed to grab. http://pastebin.com/qBKybQPu And I even have some *actual* crash reports from the server instead of console: http://pastebin.com/TGyUg2C0 http://pastebin.com/LGDnCntb http://pastebin.com/V6v4z7VT I can get you more if you want (Thankfully, the server is able to give us MANY crash reports!). Thanks in advance!
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