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  1. IGN: Fakey80 Skype Name: adam.bybee44 Would i hlp if needed?: yes hope that covers it all lol
  2. id like to, ill add you on skype soon
  3. hey, id like to be part of a server, but just be able to do my own thing and stuff, but be on a world where other ppl are as well. if thats something your okay with, send me a message
  4. when i log in to my world, theres only like 2 chunks that load around me. if i try to move i fall through the world. whats going on? please help
  5. So ive been playing attack of the b team for a while now, and decided to instal optifine and a shader pack. once i did this, when im in my normal morph (player body) my screen gets real dim. when i morph into something else it brightens back up. i thought it had to do with one of the 2 things i added so i removed them both and it still does it. anyone know what is causing this or any suggestions to help? thank you in advance!
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