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  1. Okay that makes sense thank you for explaining. Not sure where the village is but I'll try to stay away from it aha
  2. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ds6s8i66b2o7hhc/9_13_17(2).zip
  3. I did zip up the file but now dropbox is asking for money & for me to download it so is there anything else I can send it to you on?
  4. I'm not sure what you mean by using a server, if I am maybe it's unintentional..? Also it's 69.3 MB
  5. I replaced the file I sent you with the one you sent me, but it still crashes & goes back to the launcher. I have the crash report crash-2018-04-18_17.18.56-server.txt
  6. I think this is it queenkrule.dat
  7. I didn't do anything about villages other than deleting that villages.dat file but I'm pretty sure it came back when i reinstalled the modpack. I'm not exactly sure what a power cut is. The first time it crashed was while I was playing & every time after that was while trying to open my world.
  8. Yes actually! I tried updating it, reinstalling it, I saved my world to my documents then put it back after reinstalling so now i can create new worlds but not use my old one.
  9. Okay so it first crashed while i was playing, then would crash when i opened my world, i looked on this forum & found a guide to reading crash reports & deleted what i was told to delete (some villages.dat file) but now it really wont work. I get this really weird error message when I try to load my world. I saved my world then deleted & reinstalled the pack but still get the same error message. I made a new world which actually worked surprisingly but sadly the world i put a lot of work into wont work. I have a ton of crash reports from troubleshooting but I'll post the most recent one. I tried to get a screenshot of the error message but now it crashes & goes back to the launcher when i try to open my world. Wish I could remember what it said but all I can remember is it was about foodplus & had a bunch of numbers around 6400. Will post a screenshot if possible. crash-2018-04-17_13.58.47-server.txt EDIT: I changed it back to 1.0.12b from 1.0.13d & managed to recreate the error message. In the crash reports & this error message the foodplus mod is consistently mentioned but deleting the mod also made things worse.
  10. She doesn't have Java She used to have 64 bit/upgrade 45 though
  11. --This has nothing to do with modpacks.-- I tried to re-download the launcher on my sisters computer (after deleting it & everything in the /roaming folder) and it did download, but, when i opened it nothing happened. So I uninstalled Java and tried to open the launcher again, hoping it would give me that little pop-up asking me to install java, but nothing happened. Even after trying to run it as administrator. I don't know what other info I need to include, other than the fact that her computer is a windows vista.
  12. Here is the log http://pastebin.com/MHqsBW1Q
  13. !! I haven't used technic launcher or even played minecraft in like 2 years please tolerate my ignorance !! So I downloaded technic launcher + installed Attack of the B-Team , but there isn't even a launch button? I searched for the launch button and even looked it up but found nothing This is what the launcher looks like when I open it. (File too big to upload)
  14. Has anyone else noticed that people tend to abuse the power they earn?

    1. TheBytemaster


      Power that isn't earned tends to be abused more, but yes.
    2. Dentcat


      It's called capitalism, my friend.