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  1. IGN: saber585 Skype Name: saber585 Would you help others if help is needed?: I'm willing to help others and give them items too if needed. NOTE: My skype may not pick up your application if I'm allowed. if you allow me please also include your skype name so I can add you back
  2. I'm not trying to hi-jack its just it seems his problem is almost exactly like mine from what i've seen and as i've been trying to do this for about a year waiting a couple months or more to maybe get a helpful responce at this point is ridiculous, besides this is two months old
  3. hey you two I dont know if you can help me out but me and a friend have been trying to set up a pack for a good while now, for the moment its a smaller version of Attack of the B-Team but it wont load, its got all the components i believe it should have and its currently up for download. Only problem is it wont load the mods. It loads MC version 1.6.4 as a plain version and we dont know what to do. please help us and if you can credit goes to you guys in the descriptions. its called power outage and like i said it should be done right its got the download files and all that correct from dropbox (i've seen it work) but it doesnt work. please take a look
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