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  1. Hello! I would like to introduce my brand new modpack, DungeonCraft, to everyone thirsty for adventure! With mods like Cyan Warrior Swords, Orespawn, Rogue Like Dungeons and more, you'll be sure to find something you like! Even if you're not into Adventure, there's plenty of other mods to keep you busy! Link to modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/discoverycraft.409505 Mod List: CodeChickenLib Railcraft bspkrsCore TreeCapitator Lucky Blocks Damage Indicators Battlegear 2 ArchimedesShips Arrow Cam Mod Battle Towers Better Dungeons BiblioCraft Biomes O Plenty Carpenter's Blocks CJB API CJB Cheats Code Chicken Core Cyan Warrior Swords Doom-like Dungeons Dragon Mount Dungeon Pack Enchanting Plus Equivalent Exchange 3 Gravity gun Flan's Mod Forbidden Magic Grim3212Core The Ultimate End IndustrialCraft (Not functional) Infernal Mobs Inventory Tweaks Map Writer MetaWorldsInst Minecraft Loader MineFactoryReloaded (Functional?) Modular Force Fields Morph Mystcraft API Mystcraft Natura Nether Ores NetherX Not Enough Items Open Blocks Open Eye Open Mods Lib Optifine Orespawn PlayerAPI Power Crystals Core Resonant Engine Rogue Like Dungeons Shoulder Surfing Smart Moving Sync Telepads Thaumcraft 4.1 Time Control Twilight Forest Uncrafter Mod Universal Electricity Update Checker Mod iChunUtil Waila Witchery
  2. Hey guys, I want to help spread the word about my modpack without spamming the forums or shoving it down peoples throats. Any suggestions? (I will only link my modpack if you ask for it, I do not want to use this as free advertising.)
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