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  1. IGN's: Mine: Evileverett My friend's: Heyjude432 Skype: Mine: Chickennuggetsandcheese My friends: kenneth.cortes4 We would like to join because we are looking for a good atotb server to meet new people and have a good time. The other servers we have tried have had abusive staff and this server seems like it will be a lot better. On the server we would like to build together and form an alliance with each other. In the process of doing this we would like to meet new players and make new friends. Evileverett will play 6-7 days a week Heyjude432 will play 5-6 days a week We are both 15 years of age and male Thank you for reading this and we hope to see you guys soon.
  2. IGN: Evileverett Activity: I usually play everyday but if not i play 5-6 times a week. Age: 15 I am new to the attack of the b team mod pack but am growing quickly and researching often and getting more fond of it each and everyday. Favorite Mod: Carpenters Donate: Maybe Skype: Chickennuggetsandcheese
  3. Hello my name is Evileverett.(well my ign). I am 15 years of age and am looking for a good Attack of the b team server. I do have a mic and my skype is: chickennuggetsandcheese. I would like to play on this server because i have been bombarded with servers that have mean and abusive stuff. This server seems like a fresh start to have a good time and make new friends. Thank you and i hope to see you soon.
  4. Hello my name is Evileverett.(Well that is my ign) I have been searching for an attack of the b team server and most of the servers have mean and abusive staff. If i were to be accepted into your server i will bring a lot to the table. I am very trustworthy and a nice player. I enjoy playing on servers that have a small community that grows as we work together. I would adore to be on this server because i am looking to join/start a community with other mod pack users. I usually play mc everyday and if i am not on i am usually on every other day. My skype is chickennuggetsandcheese I am 15 years of age and from New York. My expierence with attack of the b team is low but i am looking to grow and learn and make new friends along the way. My friend heyjude432 is on the server already and i am looking foward to playing with not only him but you and the rest of the players already having fun. Thank you and i would appreciate if you considered my application.
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