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  1. We currently have no banned items! Although we are thinking of adding an economy, which would mean making a certain item (probably coins) uncraftable.
  2. The whitelist can be a bit buggish. Sometimes when the server restarts the whitelist will too, meaning I have to re-list players :/ I will re-list you ASAP. For future reference, a post like this should go on our Reddit page where we can help you faster. http://www.reddit.com/r/TheBizarroWorld You've also played on the server for less than a day, so I wouldn't go impulsively writing a review because you couldn't log once.
  3. Once upon a time, at a computer far far away... There lived a man who wanted more A man who grew tired of watching A man who grew tired of wanting A man who would not settle for average He cursed the gods and fled for freedom The freedom, of his own Minecraft server... A server with a large and organized community made of friendly, talented, and committed players who loved Minecraft A server with an endless Modpack of infinite possibilities and projects A server with expanding realms and self-made masterpieces That man dreamed a dream. A dream that with hard work &a
  4. Currently Playing a buncha minecraft! :P

    1. Kalbintion


      Only a buncha? Why not a wholelotta?

    2. MaskMan14


      I have a great server that you might love. We even developed our own modpack! Just Skype message jordanninja89 if you are interested

    3. Sir_Faps_A_Lot


      Oh I'm past a wholelotta, currently in the whyamastillplaying phase ;)

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