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  1. Minecraft In-Game name? Mowgl13 Age? 21 What country do you live in? Canada Do you have/use Skype? Yes Do you have/use Teamspeak? Yes Will you be streaming or Uploading to Youtube? Nope If so, Channel/Stream Name? N/A Do you enjoy building or just playing? I love building, and playing! Acceptance of server rules? Yes with all respect!
  2. Now tell me a little bit about you: Idk whata say but im chill, and i get into the knowledge Age: 21 Experience: A week of single player, intermediate experience How often you'll be playing: At least 3 days a week, but recently i've been addicted to b-team so maybe a bit more xD Where you are from: Canada Skype: d.renn14 and last but not least, IGN: Mowgl13
  3. Age:21 Loc:Canada IGN:Mowgl13 Yoo its Mowgl13 here just wondering if there is any room for a young chap here, I want to join because I am honestly bored playing singleplayer and also large multiplayer servers I'd like to try a small community server and meet new people too!
  4. AGE:21 IGN:Mowgl13 MATURITY LEVEL: Very Exceptional SKYPE: d.renn14 WHY YOU WANT TO JOIN: I am really tired of playing B-team on my own, and don't really want to join a server with a bunch of trolls. I want to join a small MC community experience with new people as well!
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