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  1. IGN: Killer212 (Prefer to be called Shadow) age: 16 (Mature) language: English favourite modpack: Attack of the B-Team Why do you want to join ?: The last server I was on was really bad. No one was friendly, people griefed, stole, all of that. I want to play on a server with people who know what they are doing, and will be friendly. I'm a friendly person myself and would help any who ask for it. Thank you for your consideration, DarknessRelm.
  2. IGN: Killer212 (I would prefer to be called Shadow) Age: 16 (Very mature for my age) Skype: Will be sent in a PM as I do not want it out in the open. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC83pwGECLgF_Bf2kdGIAA_w (I really need to post more things. I have it just for something to do.) Why I Want To Join: I have nothing else to do and I enjoy Attack of The B-Team and I need people to play with. I also enjoy making videos but I don't have anything I really feel like making right now so, maybe this will help me get motivated. Dedication: I will probably be on for at least a
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