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  1. Geeze nice mod pack but when I try to go to your website it is flagged as malisious so I am done thanks though Doug
  2. It is still messed up, When I log on I am stuck can not move then I get kicked

  3. cool, just tried got on for a few minutes then the lag got real bad and it kicks me says " internal server exception" then takes few minutes to get a connection no biggie I will go play windows 10 minecraft beta. Have good nite nice to see ya on Doug
  4. Howdy Duffie, Is the server gone? have not been up for a few days now. Hope you are doing well

    1. duffie563


      thanks for alerting me.. I updated the servers and forgot to reload the MC process.... All are back up now!!

      Thanks again!!

  5. Howdy RedDragonTamer and welcome to the server. If you are white listed for the servers then you were asked to supply your email for updates. So as Duffy has any news he will send it out to all the members. If you had an email change or something like that then you can PM Duffie563 and he can answer all your questions. I hope this helps, have a great weekend, Doug
  6. Minecraft In-Game name? Dadoug Age? old What country do you live in? USA Do you have/use Skype?Yes Do you have/use Teamspeak? Yes Will you be streaming or Uploading to Youtube? May If so, Channel/Stream Name? Twitch.tv/dadoug Do you enjoy building or just playing? Both Acceptance of server rules? Yes
  7. Same issue here, sometimes if I remove the conduit and put it back it suddenly will start working again Doug
  8. Come join the best Attack of the B Team server great folks always looking to help Make your application and come have fun. Doug IGN: Dadoug
  9. Howdy, Wanted to wish all on the server a Merry Christmas or Hanukkah or what ever you celebrate. Hope to see more folks on. Also does anyone have the web address for the server? was called dynamic minecraft map so we can see who is on and chat from the web? Thanks, Doug
  10. Playing on Texas Mafia ATOTBT best server there is

  11. Just wanted to say, I am so glad I found this server. MondegoVille I have been a member for about a month. The server is great, The people on it are very nice and will go out of their way to welcome new folks. Definitely give em a try, apply you will not regret it Thanks to all the folks that make all the servers so nice, Doug
  12. Howdy, My IGN: Dadoug Age: 53 Country: USA Skype Have and use (Doug Caruso Sr or [email protected]) TeamSpeak 3, Vent and mumble I use the first two No I am not currently streaming, If I decide to will notify Admins/mod prior to I really enjoy building and playing currently spend most of the day on Athene's mc server Yes I accept the server rules and will abide by them Thanks in advance, Doug
  13. Howdy, MineCraft name: Dadoug Country: USA Skype Name: Doug Caruso Sr Age: 53 (Old Fart) lol Accept server rules: Yes Thanks in advance, Doug
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