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  1. It's really good to see more modders getting involved in Technic, especially with something as cool as UE! Will you be checking here often, for example to read suggestions, or is it better to post them elsewhere?
  2. I use DefScape. It comes in 3 different resolutions, to suit people no matter the speed of their computer. It is also regularly updated, has random mobs support [GLSL shader too, but I don't use it] and looks pretty damn awesome. Most texture packs that try to make Minecraft appear 'Smoother' just end up making it look like a cartoon. This texture pack manages to make Minecraft smoother without that. DefScape
  3. Actually, I enjoy it because it mixes the game up. I had a world where I wouldn't mine any naturally formed diamond and had to use Industrialcraft's condenser followed by the transmutation tablet to get the diamonds for my machines. I personally would love to play a server with 0 diamond generation, then if people are walking around in Diamond armour you know they haven't just X-Rayed to get it. EE unlocks lots of new ways of playing the game on Servers and in Single Player. Just because you personally don't like them doesn't mean other people should be deprived of them.
  4. You do realise you can turn it off yourself, don't you? Then your "problem" of there being an easier way to get diamonds for your complex machines than mining out huge tunnel complexes underground would be fixed. Other people, such as me, really enjoy EE. Why would it be removed from the pack when people who don't like it can just disable it?
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