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  1. Well i got called that alot xD , You can call me that , It's alright
  2. Name: Ratchet But you can call me RTB Age: 14 In-Game name: BenBest1 How much do you know about the Modpack: Well , I Have i been playing around of for 2 months , but i know most of the mods. Why should i pick you: Well , i Am really Active, i am Muture , I never got banned on any server Which means i don't break any rules Are you a Adventure/Builder/Crafter: Well Iam a Crafter and Builder , Adventure? Not my best but i can do it
  3. IGN- BenBest1 Age- 14 Why you Want to Join- Um , First of all , I Would like to play on a small comunity server because they are more cool than big server. and i am active and i am good builder so Maybe i can help in making the spawn Got Skype(optional)?- Yes If so then Username (I need to send IP)-RatchetTB
  4. IGN: BenBest1 AGE: 14 WHY YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN: I am sick of getting stolen on other Tekkit lite server , i would like a friendly server so i can Play Tekkit Multiplayer
  5. Name: Ratchet but you can call me RTB *IGN: BenBest1 *Age: 14 ( Iam 14 , But cuz my Microphone i sound 8 ) Description of yourself: well.. i am a mature guy. I certainly don't rage on games , I amn't a full time Seruios person *Tekkit Lite/general mod experience: Tekkit lite , Not much but i have been playing around for a while , Other mod experience . Hexxit , Blood and Bones Have you ever griefed or stolen before on another server?: Griefed ? Nope , Stolen ? Yup , I Got stolen alot. *Skype or Steam (you may PM this to me if you wish to keep it private): My skype is : RatchetTB. St
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