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  1. In game name: ALEXalex251 Age: 16 Location: London (UK) Are you currently banned from any servers?: probably not Minecraft experience to date: 4+ years A short paragraph about yourself and why you would like to play on our server: Tekkit? Tekkit I like tekkit, it's great I search for many minutes on forums, searching and hoping to find a good server. Well, congratulaions, I CHOOSE YOU, I like the look of this server; it pleases me. Nice structure and it seems friendly and best of all you guys skip around that towny/economy bullshit. I look forward to working with you soon *smiley face* (pending acception) p.s. please let me in. AANNND this server is now closed
  2. IGN: ALEXalex251 why I want to join? I have been trying to find a find a good server in the forums and this one looks well structured and organised