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  1. IGN: CudlipCubed Skype Name: ScottCudlip16 Age: 17 Reason for joining: I really enjoy watching Mindcrackers and the way they play Minecraft together. I also enjoy Attack of The B-Team, being on many large open servers I've found people untrustworthy and they like to steal or destroy things I've put work and effort into so i am looking for a white-listed server with a good few people I can trust and enjoy playing with. Many people say my building stills are similar to BDoubleO's. I like buildings, building and anything architecturally involved so you won't have to worry about any ugly building and I'd be more than happy to help with any community builds like a spawn area etc. Just want somewhere safe to play and enjoy the game with good people that won't grief me etc.
  2. Sorry but I feel like an idiot, my IGN is CudlipCubed. I thought it was the other one but it has been a while so I got confused. Realised after I tried to join and it said I wasn't White-listed. Sorry
  3. Minecraft name- CudlipCubed IGN - SCOdoubleT100 Skype - (not working right now but) ScottCudlip16 Age: 17 What makes me want to join? I love Attack of the B-Team and I thoroughly enjoy building on it and Minecraft in general. I've tried other servers but people breaking and stealing from my homes has become too much to handle and start over so a white listed server would be perfect. What could I bring to the server? I love building so I my house won't be an eye-sore and I can even help with your spawn area, a lot of my friends say I'm like the YouTuber BdoubleO100 if that helps you understand my level of an eye for architecture and interiors of builds. How active will I be on the server? For the next few weeks I should be on almost every day and for a good few hours each time but with a baby sister and large family, and its summer I might take a few days off or not be on because of family things.
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