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  1. My tekkit is having an issue. I installed the technic launcher on a brand new computer and downloaded Java 7 update 71 (64-bit). Everything seems to be working fine that is until minecraft finally opens. I go through the technic launcher and go to tekkit press play it loads with the mojang screen and then the minecraft main menu opens. Heres where the problem starts. If I go into the different menus certain buttons just become unclickable. This includes going into multiplayer. None of the buttons are clickable. They all show up highlighted if I mouse over them but they wont click. I ha
  2. Application Name (No last name, please): Matt Username: McMurk Skype (optional): Will post skype once added to the server Age: 19 2 reasons why do you like to play AOTBT: 1. I love mod packs and all the various things you can do in the compared to vanilla minecraft. 2. I love to work together with other people in mod packs to create awesome builds, and reach goals and just play as a community. Plus I'm interested in all the cool features in AOTBT.
  3. Application: Name- Matt Username- McMurk Skype- I have one but will give further information if accepted Age- 19 2 reasons why I like to play Tekkit- It is a fun variation to Vanilla Minecraft where you can do much more than just build things and I enjoy all the different possibilities that can be accomplished and discovered within all of the mod packs. Especially through team work! Hope to hear back soon
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