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  1. AGE: 15 (16 in november:D) IGN: SirGarner Why you should let me play: I am a fun person to play with and easy to get along with. I will help people who say they need some help with something whether its a build project or to help get their stuff back i will help them. Builds: I plan on building into a village home if i can find it or i will build some sort of house to live in. After i get settled i will start on some community builds such as a spawn town where people can make shops.
  2. IGN: SirGarner AGE: 15 Why do you want to join?: I really want to be in a community of people to play with. Ive mostly just been playing this modpack by myself since its release and i think it would be cool to play with other people. Skype: andrew.garner36 Country: USA What do you consider yourself best at in Minecraft (optional): building
  3. IGN: SirGarner Age: 16 Time Zone: Central Have you ever been banned from a server?: Never How long have you played Minecraft?: about 3 years Any additional information you'd like to add: cant think of anything but thanks and i hope to have some fun.
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