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  1. IGN) Wizard008100 Age)15 Location)Canada How long have you been playing Minecraft)cracked since beta, paid early beta What keeps you playing Minecraft?) The temptation of streaming and learning new mods. Reking mobs with amazing stuff within mods.
  2. IGN:Wizard008100 Age: 16 Time Zone: Eastern Have you ever been banned from a server?: Yes, because the owner used me for my custom plugins. I installed them then he banned me 2 days afterwards. How long have you played Minecraft?: Since Alpha Any additional information you'd like to add: I've been wanting to play and record Attack of the B team online for awhile now, hopefully my application meets your standards. Thanks -Chaos *aka Wizard*
  3. Minecraft Name: - Age: 15 - Skype: spencer-cane - Why you want to join me: To record a youtube series and to have fun on the server - Youtube channel (I don't care how good your content is): http://youtube.com/user/GoBawssHD - How dedicated are you?: I can play almost everyday all day - Why should you be picked?: Cause' im a dedicated and chill person, can be funny at times and if need be i can be full on mature. Have been playing minecraft since alpha developement. Thanks for your time. -InfniteChaos(Wizard)
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