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  1. IGN:bero_optiC age:13 language:English favourite modpack:Attack of the B Team Why do you want to join ?: Because im trying to join a server with not a lot of people and a server that im sure im not going to get grief.
  2. Minecraft Name: bero_optiC Age: 13 Skype: Don't have one yet. Why you want to join me: Because i've seen chimneyswift aotb series and wanted to join a server like his server and try to make new friends Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/berooptic How dedicated are you?: I can play almost everyday if i dont have homework. Why should you be picked?: I think i should be picked because im a good builder and funny and can help other people if they need my help. Ps:If i get pick i will start making more videos on my channel. Thanks bero_optiC
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