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  1. hi guys could someone please tell me my technic platform username, if you can :/)
  2. hi guys I am having a lot of trouble as you can see I can log into technic forms but not the home page, I discovered a while ago that before I had made my account that some idiot who could not be bothered to put in there email address used mine.so now when I try to log in (which I have forgotten the password) can't, now I know your going to say "just change your password" well there my friends is my problemo, sure I click on forgot password and the game and technic is like sure here is your email to reset your password but because he used my email before me.so when I change what should be my p
  3. what is console if it is the black box with codes in it, it says cant create java virtual machine press any key to continue I do then it crashes
  4. hello guys again Lol, so I figured out how to make the hexxit server and it works but I cant hurt mobs, every time I right click with an item it disappears and I do not have the power of a server owner e.g. I cant add my self or others to white list, I cant hurt mobs but they can hurt me and I cant use any commands that server owners do here in a copy of my server layout. (I cant show you ip as the server is not yet whitelisted) if you can find what I did wrong plz tell me #Minecraft server properties #Tue Aug 05 16:26:43 GMT+08:00 2014 generator-settings= allow-nether=true level-
  5. hi guys again I need help!? I am not sure if anyone else has this problem but on my hexxit my not enough items doesn't work but on all my mates computers it does. if you have had this problem your self or have an idea on how to fix it plz tell me.
  6. hi guys I was wondering if anyone knew how to make a hexxit server just for me and my mates to play if you know a link to a tutorial or know how to your self plz let me know if you can P.S I don't want to have to download Hamachi and things like that
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