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  1. How long before Battle Towers will have loot in their chests again?
  2. Minekats has now been migrated to a new & more powerful server. Public and Non-Whitelisted! Please join us for some awesome Hexplore-it fun @ We are up and running with grief prevention, voting for diamonds, our website @ www.minekats.enjin.com and so much more!
  3. Hi all! As mine_my_own_bizz mentioned, our server minekats.mcph.co is live and open for business! While we may not have all of the amenities as the "big boys" (and as this is the first server I have set up and run for more than just my close friends), we have just about everything you could need for a fun, grief free experience playing Hexplore-It with other people. We would love to have you, so come on by and say hello! You may also sign up on our website @ www.minekats.enjin.com . Thanks!