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  1. Well, that was quite a post...anyways; I'm mvilcis. People on my personal level know me as Mantas, but I doubt you can even pronounce that name. And I'm kinda creeped out then people call me names ,since this is the internet after all. My IGN is mvilcis. Just like anywhere else on the internet...I'm 13 years old ,but mature at my age. Also if you accept me I'll PM my skype. It's quite a personal thing. So, if I do get accepted for some reason, I wanna play some mods! I never play modded, well much. I did play some. I'm not a noob though, I know the basics and plus you can always Google some
  2. IGN: mvilcis Age: 13 Why do I want to join? Because I want to try out Attack Of The B-Team on multiplayer. It's much more enjoyable that way! Can i talk english? Erm...weird question. But ,yeah. How much do I play? Atleast an hour every day. Cake or Death? The cake is a tasty lie. EDIT. Made a typo...
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