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  1. IGN: mli7 Age: 25 Why I want to join: Im so tired of lousy servers with greifers and other unpolite people. I love to play Minecraft, and ofc the Attack of the b-team pack! Ive love to be a part of a mature, happy and helpful community. I wont steal bcs thats not in my nature, and I like to get stuff fixed for my self. Have no problem with the challenges to get everything. And Im to old for steeling och bad behavior xD Hope to see you online!
  2. In-Game Name: mli7 Age: 25 Why do you want to play on this server: Its seems very nice and mature. Iam so tired of people who greifs and other bad behavior. What DO you like to do (Build, Mine, etc.): I love to build, and love the witchery mod. What DON’T you like to do: Looking for dogs/wolf xD Experience with modpack (1-10): 9 What is love: family, horses and gaming Squirtle or Pikachu: Pikachu, he is so cute! Thanks for considering me
  3. Age; 25 Favorite Mod; Witchery, Carpenter, Thermal Expansion and Open blocks. Reason for joining; Want to play on a good server with nice people. By applying for the Whitelist you agree to abide by the rules set on the server. Do you understand this? : yes, ofcourse! If you could have one thing added to a server what would it be? No suggestions right now. Have a nice day and hope you accept me. /Emelie
  4. IGN: mli7 I've played vanilla Minecraft for a couple of years and Attack of the B-team for about 4 mounts. I play every day. Age: 25 Other information: I'm so tired of servers with inmature, greifing and rudefull people and playing alone isnt that much fun. I also wants to be treated like everyone else, gender should not be a problem. I'm a girl and I play Minecraft beacause I love it and replays like "hey baby" etc etc is not funny. I've love to be a part of a helpfull, happy and mature community. Have a nice day and keep mining :D
  5. IGN: mli7 First name: Emelie Skype: Can get it if its an obligation, no problem! Age: 25 Motivation why you should pick me: I'm so tired of other servers with all the grief, inmature people and rudeness. Iam a nice girl who loves to play Minecraft, especially Attack of the B-team. I'm familiar with the mods and would love to be a part of a helpfull, happy and mature community. Have a nice day and keep mining!
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