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  1. i'm always relaxed, friend. as for the rest of your post, allow me to respond in a very clear and concise manner. when the EE haters can bring an actual legitimate argument to the table, then discussion can be had. however, i have yet to see them bring anything other than non-debatable personal opinions and unfounded hatred for the mod. at any rate, it is wholly pointless to continue this line of discussion. it only goes to one place, and that place is not forum-friendly. i will be the first to take my leave.
  2. as i've stated, unless pahimar has changed his plans, passive EMC generation and the creation of resources from said EMC are both mechanics that will be coming back. he's removing both collectors and condensers, to be replaced by more 'balanced' designs (slower passive generation, more complex/costly/inefficient creation, etc) so basically, the haters of EE2 are just copying their same tired [and flawed] arguments to use in attacking EE3.
  3. if the mod has worldgen or placeable blocks (thermal expansion dynamos and ores, etc) it'll cause your client to crash when you enter the world. worst case, it might even corrupt the world file, rendering the entire save unplayable at all.
  4. which is why (as far as i'm aware) that pahimar is removing collectors and condensers, and instead adding a new method of performing the same tasks at a balanced rate. he's already stated that the passive EMC generation would still exist, albeit at a slower rate. it's implied (as quoted above) that item creation from EMC will still be a thing as well. honestly, pahimar would be a fool to not keep the very core of what everyone used EE for intact, which is an endgame method of limitless generation of non-renewable resources. the problem with EE2 is that it doesn't require endgame progre
  5. from pahimar's thread FAQ: the general mechanic will still be here, just in a different way. unless this has changed...?
  6. divining rod is already in the non-usable item list in the current recommended build of tekkit, so that's coming back in some form at least. i have quite a lot of faith in pahimar's ability, once the whole RL thing calms down a bit i'm sure we'll see a massive amount of progress very quickly.
  7. i pretty much agree with your concerns, tekkit (at least at face value) feels like a downgrade from tekkit classic. that being said, i take extreme issue with one of your comments... seriously though. equivalent exchange is absolutely essential to some endgame automation tasks, not to mention one of the coolest parts of tekkit classic. setting up those EMC factories was some of the best times i've ever had in minecraft, and i'm extremely hyped about doing it in tekkit, once EE3 has started updating again. besides, if you don't like it, just disable it on your own client/server. don'
  8. so this mod hasn't seen usable changes in release in a very very long time. obviously this is due to pahimar's RL stuffs (baby, right?) and thus not anyone's fault or anything. however, he's still clearly working on it due to the bits and pieces of non-usables that appear occasionally, and this makes me curious... has pahimar provided any new info compared to the FAQ on the minecraftforum thread? especially in regards to the EMC system, such as how to get it (passive generation method teasers/reveals?) and methods of using it... not to mention the piping he mentioned. i'm supremely hun
  9. you guys are really making me wish i had the financial means to actually obtain a reasonable SSD... maybe i could just grab one of the smallest ones and slave it, using it specifically for things like minecraft? something to think about at least. as for better CPU, 100% outside my means. the only time i upgrade my CPU is when i buy a new comp, and that's just because the upgrade happens as part of the purchase. i also stick to the i5 family, as the price increase for i7 doesn't justify the performance increase i would get for my purposes (low to mid-range gaming, with some minor image/vide
  10. this was enlightening, thanks for taking the time to write all that out. so your before-mentioned 1GB of RAM is all i should bother with? i don't use any texture packs or extra mods, just default tekkit. so nothing to be done about it?
  11. i have 12 GB of RAM installed. i also am running an i5 quad core @3.2ghz, so that shouldn't be an issue either. i feel like the game isn't making full use of the hardware i have.
  12. @Curunir- one would think with higher allocation of memory, the performance would increase. i can't fathom a reason why it would be the reverse, it makes zero logical sense. i don't use textures, as nothing beats the classic minecraft look imo. @bochen415- a SSD is far beyond my financial means to obtain. not to mention that last i checked, they break down much faster than HDDs.
  13. is there a way i can optimize the loading time during the mojang logo (at startup) to make it faster? i'm assuming that's just because of sheer size of these mods, but i figured i'd ask all the same. i'm sure this isn't the first thread ever about this, but a quick search yielded no relevant results.
  14. last i used tekkit, pumps can pull water from the infinite water pool (which isn't an exploit, btw) faster than the pool can refill itself. this is especially true when variable tickrates are a thing, like on servers without sufficient memory allocation. i'm guessing these 'water spring' prefabs are able to feed the pump just as fast as it pulls, so a sort of 'upgrade' once you find one. i should test this theory, now that i think of it... edit- after testing, it's really inefficient. like, ridiculously inefficient. you can't even sustain your pump's engine off the spring.
  15. yea, it's something super high like 60 blocks or something. now that i'm thinking about it, i'll go test it since i'm curious again. tested: the mechanic is confirmed changed. i freefall dropped from height limit (255) down to depth limit (1) into a single 1x1x1 pool of water, and took no damage.
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