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  1. I think that will be added soon, i don't see a problem with it being added. I just think we have to wait till it gets updated to the correct MC version.
  2. There are many ways to "make" a hexxit server. Option 1: You make a server on your home computer, to do this you will need to port forward your ports on your home router (you can find tutorials on the web on how to open your ports for users to connect to your direct IP) then you will need to download the server files from here. this has many advantages and disadvantages, such as. Your computer "can" lag if you do not have enough (ram) or CPU power to hold the server and your client. You have full control of the server, console and files with instant access to plugins, configurations and m
  3. Managed to get 2.0.1 working on Linux, had a few problems with issues such as the "OffLawn" with different configuration files (there were more like this, just had the change the ID's back) Just now going through everything, got some staff testing and playing it looks good so far.
  4. As the owner of Quantekk - Hexxit, We would be willing to setup a beta server to go public.
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