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  1. Ingame name: PawsomeNinja How long have you played mc/b-team: I've played attack of the b-team since it came out (Only singel player, since most of the big servers have way too many players which causes lag) How often will you play mc/b-team: I will play when I can (Probaly every day for a couple of hours) Age: 14 Other information: I've been looking for a small AOTBT server for a long time, and I would be really happy if I could join
  2. IGN: PawsomeNinja AGE: 14 Favorite mod in B Team: TInkers construct and biomes of plenty What do you like to do in a server?: Make friends, build and explore Why do you want to join my server?: I've been looking for a small AOTBT server with no griefing for a long time. The bigger servers are over populated which causes lag and they have banned items to prevent griefing. Skype: I don't use skype when playing with people I don't know in real life Favorite color: Green
  3. IGN: PawsomeNinja Age: 14 why should i choose you: I have played on some other attack of the b-team servers, but it's too many players and griefing is allowed on most of them. Therefore I'm looking for a server with a nice and small community and no griefing. where do you live? Norway Have you ever got banned before? No Fav. mod? I really like Biomes o' plenty
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