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  1. What is your IGN (in game name)? RontiusHow long have you been playing modded minecraft for? Since it was in AlphaAre you familliar with this modpack? I've played a fair amount ot tekkit but havent touched legends yet.Have you even been banned from any server? (If so for what reason) NopeHave you read the rules on the rule page? YesAnything else you want to share? Can you transmit STDs virtually? No.... then I'm good.
  2. Hey M1, what's the official ruling on whether we can use power armor or not?
  3. Sorry, tried to get on again and I'm pretty sure I crashed the server, and yeah I logon and fall through the ground into the void.
  4. Well, the server was working fine and then I went to go search for some sheep, I got disconnected and now every time I logon it crashes the server.
  5. idk if you're checking forums Tohejam, but everytime you login it crashes the surver.
  6. 1. Rontius 2. 24 3. Been playing minecraft since alpha, played tekkit a couple months here and there. 4. blah blah 1. Chodicus 2. 31 3. Couple months 4. blah blah
  7. IGN: Rontius Looking for a small to medium sized tekkit server to have fun on. IGN: Chodicus The same thing as that awesome dude above me.