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  1. This may sound a bit silly, but please reduce the width of the launcher. half of it disappears off of the screen, making it difficult to use. Ps. Nobody dare make the rude suggestion I should buy a new screen.
  2. No microblocks on the space station. The sealer just freezes, nothing wrong with the system.
  3. While someone earlier claimed that the cocoa butter had been solved, I still get cocoa butter turning up randomly. Particularly from crafting dyes.
  4. one slow option is a pig on a treadmill. sync treadmills generate rf very slowly, but they still generate some.
  5. Biomes o' plenty recolouring the sky is slightly annoying, Especially when it does it in space. I have a bright yellow sky around my space station, only because it is over a mushroom forest biome. Edit- disabled in config, but why would anyone want annoying sky colours anyway? Edit for the second time - Biomes o' plenty seems to ignore that bit of config. Sky is still yellow in space. Also, one of the oxygen sealers on my space station fails randomly (stops at 49/50 power and no oxygen despite both being available - "checking seal") every time I enter via a portal. It works if rot
  6. Updated waila to latest version. The spawner crash goes away.
  7. I can confirm the spawner crash. look at one and the game becomes disconnected, then shuts down.
  8. I have two big problems. First, my Resonant induction fusion reactor. It works for a bit, then just stops. Plasma goes in, no power comes out. Then it just becomes a power drain, the batteries in the loop just pump out all the power that they gained. Have to reload the game for it to restart, even then it's unreliable. Second, The particle accelerator. I have a large enough power supply, a large enough ring, and have done a large amount of waiting. The pulses either cut out, or the game crashes. I can't get it to work. Best I've got is 96%. Then it stopped and restarted. No antimatter generat
  9. I've seen this problem with Hexxit. It's a necromancy generation problem.
  10. Problem solved. Removed lycanite's mobs and purged all spawned mobs. Sadly, my joy at hearing zombies and spiders was short lived, because I couldn't hear the creeper.
  11. I've had problems with mob spawning. Each night on single player, I only get skeletons, and the odd ender (and the rare lycanite mob). I haven't seen a single spider, creeper and only seen one zombie. However, I only get armies of skeletons on an average night. I've used spawn eggs and a spawner to test if it is a problem with the mobs themselves, but they all spawn normally this way, just not naturally. It's getting on my nerves. It's too unbalanced really. P.S. I also get lobbers spawning at excessive numbers in the lava pool I get my fuel from. Ialso found a slime
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