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  1. Bullshit. You've only taken banned items from me ONCE and i was the first person you wiped on the entire server which is also bullshit because you wiped me before putting the banned items list. How was i constantly being a dick? I've helped a lot of people in the server by helping them during a raid and providing things to them if they do get griefed or raided. I've never seen any complaints about me and if there was tell me what these "complaint" were about. Also tell me what the rule was because i read the entire board before dropping them. So stop accusing me of being a "rule breaking assh
  2. nova catalysm was not on the banned list and we only had those items in the chest because we had them before the ban list we were not planning to use them that's why they were still in the chests. We were also not planning to grief spawn we had the catalysms so we could blow up our own base after we gave all our items away(we were planning to quit) Spawn has protection anyways so i don't see how we can even place the catalysms down at spawn and manage to blow them up. you also banned us without telling us the reason. so stfu and fix your damn server
  3. This server has faggot admins i got banned for "not having common sense" (dropping catalysms at spawn) last time i checked giving things to people was not against "common sense" the admins are fucking ban happy if you don't want people using banned items then DISABLE THE CRAFTING like all other good servers do. I've seen a TON of people get banned on this server for having banned items. /faggetrant
  4. Since server is down here's my mod app. Position: Mod IGN: robloxx Age: 15 Location: US, NC Experience: I've been playing minecraft for 2 years now (since late alpha). I have a lot of experience with tekkit from playing it for 6 months. I've had a lot of mod/admin experience in various different servers. There seems to be a lack of staff and i think i would make a good addition.
  5. IGN:robloxx Reason for wanting to become a member?: Saw this server a while back and decided to start playing on it. Looks like a good server Will you follow the rules that we have set for this server?: yes i have common sense.
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