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  1. ​Wow! omg thank you sooo much!<3 <3 <3 1 question though: how do I use this? i put the mod into the jar and thats it?
  2. ​how do you mean now? you need the bukkit port for the server not to crash right?
  3. Hello! I man playing on Tekkit Classic. For like a year ago I added mystcraft to my server with little to no problems. I followed this thread : Buut, now a year later I want to play tekkit again, but I cant download the bukkit port for mystcraft, the crucial part to add it to the server. I aded it to the client and edited the configs. All working. But I need that bukkit forge port on mystcraft, which I no longer can access. Anyone able to help me? Thanks in advance, DJMagnusson17
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