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  1. Nova GalaxyI will make this post better one day, but that day is not today. Technic Platform Page How to play: Search for "novagalaxy" in the Technic Launcher. Description: Nova Galaxy has an assortment of various tech and magic mods. Some people call these types of packs: kitchen-sink packs. One unique feature that Nova Galaxy has is it's specialized ore generation. Ores generate everywhere, but do so rarely and in small amounts. With the help of your trusty Mining Radar you can prospecting for "super-clusters" in the ocean which contain over 100 clusters of various ores. There are some other changes too, but that can all be read about in the ore generation spreadsheet linked below. Another major feature is what I called the "space-based progression". Basically recipes of various blocks and items are changed to require materials that are only found on certain Galacticraft dimensions. You need to travel by space rocket to these dimensions to get the required materials. You can find a complete list of items/blocks affected by the space progression in the doc linked below. Links: Website (contains changelogs and direct downloads) Modlist Ore Generation Spreadsheet Space Progression Quicklist GitHub for tracking modpack development. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most (if not all) this info is the same on the Platform Page. All other info can probably be found in-game but if you can't then feel free to ask here. This thread is mainly for pack discussion and support (because I'm not doing official support via GitHub).
  2. Gradle is pretty cool

  3. Could you possible Gist or Pastebin your crash report or fml-client-latest.log?
  4. Aww damn if it's related to ExU it means it probably won't get fixed for a while . Thanks for link that issue though; pretty crazy how mod interactions can cause bugs like this.
  5. Don't think there is a way to stop them. Maybe something with EnderZoo spawn configs if you know how to use it (instructions are in the XML IIRC).
  6. Does that error crash your server? I'm pretty sure I've been getting similar errors (no crash though) and I want to say it's related to EnderIO Wither Skeleton entity. A couple days ago I found over 800 wither skeletons in our nether (/cofh killall witherSkeleton will kill them as long as the nether is loaded).
  7. I'd suggest OVH Kimsufi (if you can manage to nab one before they get sold out )
  8. Also I'm pretty sure you would run into UUID/username issues with 1.6.4 now that username changing is available.
  9. Well if you're going for science-y and somewhat realistic then I'd suggest using Gregtech.
  10. Here is an old MineTweaker script I found for MFR from an early version of the modpack (0.3.x). Not sure if it will work with the latest MFR, but that basically did exactly what you wanted (makes the laser drill require titanium). The testing from the early versions is why I eventually ended up removing MFR because I just didn't find it fun anymore (but to each their own).
  11. Well if you're looking for a powersink the EnderIO spawners end up taking a lot of power for certain mobs. Also Mekanism factories and TE machines with speed augments use up a lot of power too. As you said if you're not even going to use that much power there is no need to make it, but the option of having a massive power gen is still there for people who rather use that instead of an array of smaller generators.
  12. I'm fairly sure ExtraBees adds Yellorium/Radioactive bees, so you can use that for renewable yellorite. Also if you mine a ton of Yellorite and have an efficient reactor you can make your supply last for quite some time. When I do add a frames mod in a future update you can setup a world miner/eater that can constantly bring you ores from Mars.
  13. You guys have good points regarding the mods, but ultimately it comes down my balance preference for the pack. Soul Shards Soul Shards does indeed require a lot of work to get to a Tier 5 spawner, but in combination with an EnderIO Powered spawner it would be so easy to get a Tier 5 soul shard. You can probably even automate it with an Autonomous Activator because it's a fake player and has an inventory too. Also once you obtain the shard it will be unlimited resources for no cost at all and personally I think that's kinda unbalanced. With EnderIO spawners you need a lot of energy to be constantly producing mobs and farming their drops. Also regarding the wither skeleton spawning: The recent versions of EnderIO separates the Wither Skeleton into a separate entity, so you could actually create powered spawners for it now. MFR Man I've honestly been trying my best to not say this on any public forum, but I just don't like MFR that much. I mean if another pack has it then I will use it and play with it, but I personally just find it boring. Sure I can just edit the recipes and change the energy usage configs, but I know that people will still use those machines if they are available. I rather they try the other mods already present in the pack to do things that MFR can do. Also some alternatives for those MFR items/blocks you mentioned Torezu: MFR Auto Spawner - As I mentioned above the EnderIO powered spawner will be able to spawn wither skeletons in the latest version (will be in 0.7.13+). It can already spawn every other entity in the game though. The Unifier - You got me here because currently there is no ore dictionary converter alternative. The Forge Lexicon is still a WIP, but I think it might be back in a later version. If you do need to convert ingots you can choose different outputs if you use a regular crafting table or the 2x2 crafting grid in your inventory, press the arrow to select between different recipe outputs. I think Chisel can also convert between different mod metal blocks now. Auto Farming/Breeding - MFR does make doing this easier, but that's exactly what I don't want in this modpack. I rather people figure out how to automate things with the stuff already present. For example you can automate the farming station quite easily if you use wooden/stone tools. For breeding you can probably easily automate the feeder from Railcraft to accept various crops to breed the animals. As for the culling of the animals Thaumcraft has a golem that will only kill adult animals. These are just two example of how to replicate MFR functionality with mods already present and I know there are other ways of doing it too (multifarms, thaumcraft, blood magic, etc). Sludge Boiler Outputs - Bees! Bees! Bees! I'm pretty sure there are bee species that can produce all of the various outputs from the sludge boiler. Needleguns/Rocket Launchers - Okay I do admit these were some pretty cool weapons, but hey we got crossbows and some other nifty ranged weapons from TiCon. Auto Enchanting/Anvil - I think Open-Blocks may have this covered (don't quote me on that). I'll have to actually see if I can automate enchanting with the liquid XP stuff. I think you can do it with ComputerCraft, but I personally don't know Lua. Also EnderIO adds the Enchanter which is probably my favorite way to get enchants now because you just have to get the correct materials for whatever enchant you want. Laser Drills - Did I mention bees already? While you might not get the direct ore, you can get either grains or nuggets of all (or at least most) ores from bee products. Decorative Blocks - Guess those can't really be replaced, but we have lots of decoration blocks already available (I'm sure people won't miss just a few). Gendustry Now I know people love the Mutators from Gendustry because they makes getting bees super easy since you can choose what bee you want. Personally I think this goes against the nature of bees. With Binnie's Genetics you can still customize bees, trees, and other forestry stuff to your exact needs. It can do everything Gendustry thing can except for mutation selections, but you have the Mutator attachment for the Alveary and that usually gets the mutation you are looking for. Oblivion frames in combination with the Alveary Mutator are a fast way to cross-breed bees. So I hope this post gives good enough reasons to why I haven't included the majority of mods y'all have pointed out. Please feel free to add any mods you want because in the end the game should be played however you enjoy it. I just happen to enjoy it with the mods already present
  14. Thanks for playing the modpack! I'm glad you're enjoying it. Regarding the mods you listed for addition: MFR: Most of the functionality can be done by other mods already in the pack, so I see no point in adding it. Better Storage: Haven't actually played with the mod, but I feel like it also has things which are already present in other mods. Soul Shards: EnderIO has powered spawners that can be used to spawn any type of mob. I feel like adding Soul Shards would make them pointless because soul spawners don't require energy. Obsidiplates: All the pressure plates added are more or less replaced by EnderIO. You have the Dark Steel plate that can only be stepped on by players and I believe you can paint the plates with any material (and if you use glass it becomes invisible). Wireless Redstone: I have actually considered adding this one. I have to mess around with it before I add it because I remember in 1.6.4 it had some issues. So far the only mods I plan to add in the future are: Thermal Dynamics and a frames mod (either Remain in Motion or Framez).
  15. Can you pastebin your latest launcher log? It would greatly in assist in what might be causing issues.
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