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  1. 1.IGN:jmaman11 2.Skype Name: If you don't have a Skype its not a big deal jmaman11 (One with the dog) 3.Reason you would like to join my server want small server such a mind crack hermit craft or others to play without a million people annoying me 4.Age 15 Please send response to skype to be sure I get it
  2. jmaman11 Since release for bteam on both long time minecraft Daily Us 14 I enjoy playing a small modded servers without pvp greifing theft or other nuciences I look forward to hopefully meeting all of you P.S. Could you please send a response to my skype so that I can see it and start playing A.S.A.P.
  3. IGN: jmaman11 I am 13 almost 14 I want a small server with friends where I can have fun and hang out without massive lag or thousands of people plus I already have a friend from school on the server Skype jmaman11 America/ South Carolina I consider myself to be best at technology and I do okay with magic resource gathering and fighting mobs
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