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  1. So I installed it, and it came up on my taskbar because it automatically opened, Not only can I not even "Pin to taskbar"because the programs open, but I cant find ANYTHING to do with the launcher or any applications in the folder when I try and add it? Theres no "Win32" folder either. Please help! Also, I closed it, and now i cant open it. Ya that. And that the inside of the folder.... Search it you say? Nope. Please help me Also, I tried this it didnt work. And also im now having issues with Java. If someone who knows to fix all this can just add me on steam @ Tidgem I would g
  2. A. whats with everything on this site being a really bright grey font colour so I can barely read anything?? But now my actual issue, the launcher wont save properly? Ive found the folder I installed the pack into, but theres no obvious "Technic Launcher" or anything and also I cant right click and "Pin" anywhere. If I search it nothing comes up. My PC seems to think it doesnt exist.? It is installed on my external harddrive. But if it cant work from there then thats just silly Thanks for reading! P.s This is what I Mean about the ridiculous font colour = http://puu.sh
  3. Okay so my launcher works okay except that so far only the yogbox pack has been doing this, but basically it installs all the stuff and all the mods and files are in the right folder but when the pack actually opens its just basic minecraft No mention of mods what-so-ever! And then theres the problem of whenever I do the copy and paste link to add packs then try and open them everysingle one I have tried just break saying unable to install. I deleted and reinstalled the technic platform around 3 times but all to the same result. Please help I want to play yogbox and other awesome packs
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