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  1. IGN: xqual Age: 14 Skype: Joshling2000 (don't judge me, I made it when I was about 10 ) Skills: I know quite a lot about most if not all mods in tekkit. I have been playing it for a while How long have you been playing tekkit: I don't know the exact date and time, but for quite a while.
  2. IGN: xqual What I can bring to the server: I am a very jolly, and enthusiastic person. I make a lot of jokes and keep people feeling bright. I also know alot about the technical mods, (thermal expansion, MFFS, ext.). Why I should be white listed: I was white listed on the other server but, unfortunately, lost all time to play on that server and all of tekkit. I have spent LOADS of time trying to find a good modpack server, and I hope this is the one! Also, I love all of the mods listed here (especially minechem) I really hope you white list me! (Sorry if this application seemed too short, I am not very good at these) P.S: If I do get accepted, I will probably spend al ot of time on it because I want to use minechem to make the periodic table of elements.
  3. I started my own server before I noticed you accepted me. But, Nobody is ever on my server, so I would like somewhere to play tekkit.
  4. Hello! I would like to join your tekkit server. I am aged 14 and have been searching for a server for AGES! I hope this is the one. I have skype/steam if you would like it! Ign: xqual blah blah Experience: I know how to tekkit. I have played it for countless hours in singleplayer
  5. I cannot join, it says I am not whitelisted on this server. But I was whitelisted a couple of days ago and I have a base.. Please help.
  6. Ok thats fine, I just put on steam because its the easiest way to contact me. If you would like to join I willl need to know your IGN so I can whitelist you!
  7. My IGN is xqual. I would like to join because I have been searching for a tekkit server for AGES! Its as if they do not exist, some of them are too laggy, some of them have millions of banned items none of them are that good. So I am putting faith in this one! Hope you accept me.
  8. Hello! I know this thread is really old but I would like to know if you are intrested in joining my server that I am planning to make. It will only have a player space of 6 because It will only be for us. Hope you reply!
  9. I am looking for some friendly people to play tekkit with. I have been searching for ages so I thought, I may aswell make my own. There will be no cheating in items or changing gamemode. All done legit. If you are intrested please contact me on skype or steam. Skype: joshling2000 steam: xqual If you do not have either of those, please leave a message below saying your player name and why you would like to join. Thanks for reading! Edit: Forgot to put the IP in sorry,