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  1. I know this was asked before and yes I saw the reply "build the files yourself" but could someone, anyone, offer a bit of tutorial or explanation on how to build the server files yourself?? I have the following issues or at least I think these are my main issues with my limited knowledge: 1. I went to minecraft site and the minecraft server files for 1.7.10 are not even available. 2. I can install this mod through the technic launcher and play it (which I have played many, many hours so far and am loving it!!!!!!) but not sure where to download the files from to add into the minecraft server install (assuming I could get my hands on the minecraft server 1.7.10 files). I LOVE the direction this mod is going and even though I have NOT had the chance to play the "official" hexxit mod, from reading the mod list (and googling the mods) I am inclined to run and play this version of Hexxit only as I am not liking the direction the "official" mod is taking. Honestly, this should be the official mod and the other one should be renamed to something else, but just my opinion. Thanks so much for any and all help any can provide.
  2. I don't know if anyone can help or point me in the right direction, but I pay for a minecraft server through Apex Minecraft hosting and I would love to get this Beta running on it for testing. But, their servers require jar files to be in a jar folder and well a certain folder structure and try as I might, I am not able to get the server to run. It crashes very early in the loading phase. Any help is appreciated. Skuli - THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting all this work into updating this mod pack. I recently found Hexxit and we are loving it immensely and are chomping at the bit to play the new incarnation. Thanks!!
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