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  1. Why you want to join: i love working together as a small group age:13 but mature In-Game Name:shanemuffy12 What your good at: redstone bloodcraft and other stuff Other:i would love if u would let me in
  2. IGN : shanemuffy12 How old are you : 12 (but mature) coming 13 in january What's you're experience with aotbt : i have a very good experiance with the mods Are you planing to play this server requlary ( if not, how much ) :i will most likely play everyday Ip: atkofthebteam.bounceme.net
  3. my name is: shane............................... my in game name: is shanemuffy12
  4. Age:12 (but mature) Do you have any experience playing Attack of the B-Team?:yes i have alot of experience Do you acknowledge that cheating stealing and greafing will get you removed from the server?:yes i know Do you have skype?(if so put down your username or message me it):my skype name is shanemcintyre2 Will you listen to any sort of rules that will be applied to the server if need be?:yes all the rules Timezone?:everyday if i get it working
  5. hi im shane but my ign is shanemuffy12 i love little groups so if we want we can all work together im 12 coming 13 on january thx for your time
  6. i need a aotbt whitelist app i can join

    1. Kalbintion


      Or you could check the aotb server section. http://forums.technicpack.net/forum/75-attack-of-the-b-team-servers/

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