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  1. Thanks, I clearly made a noob mistake, and I appriciate your speedy response and setting me straight! For some reason I thought I had the correct one..
  2. Yo, Stonebrew here, just got into this whole tekkit lite thing and it seems really cool, problem is: I downloaded the server for tekkit and its version is 1.6.4 . Well when I run tekkit lite, it says my minecraft version is 1.4.7, and it will not let me connect to my own server because it is out of date. I don't really know how to force update the version of minecraft through the tekkit loader. Ive tried the current build, and 1.6.4, but that doses not seem to change my version of minecraft. Just a side note: when I play regular minecraft it says im running version 1.8 through tekkit or stock loader. Thanks for you help in advance if anyone can help me.
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