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  1. Looks like your IvToolkit mod may be corrupt. Try another version and let us know how that goes. And for heaven's sake use Pastebin for your error logs!
  2. We need more information to answer your question. What OS are you running? Do you have Java installed? If so, what version? It's very difficult to solve your problem without any real information in the first place.
  3. If you want a good answer, try telling us what you have already tried and what has happened? Are you using your username to log in? If so, try your Mojang Account email instead.
  4. Hello, I'm new to the forums. Whenever I try and make a new pack linked to my Solder server the Platform gives me a serverside error (500) which means 'Internal Server Error'. I believe my Solder is configured correctly. I have linked my Platform account with my Solder and have added my Solder api URL to my Platform account. I have also added 18 mods to my mods list (and version selected them) and added them to a pack. So I have no idea what's going wrong. Any ideas? P.S. Sorry about all the images taking up space, there isn't a
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