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  1. ​While appreciate you doing at great job a moderating, it would be great if I could great if I could get a response to my initial issue :).
  2. You need to use a direct download link. The link you specified above just brings me to a download page. Try using https://www.dropbox.com/s/cu1dlul3g9vkih8/ModPack.zip?dl=1 as your link.
  3. Hello everyone, I've really enjoyed working with the Technic Platform, and installing solder. Well, I've got my modpack up and running, and my friends and I love playing on it. However, one of my friend's crashes during the loading process. The crash report is located here. I think it might be some sort of networking issue, but I'm not sure. My friend is running Windows 7 64-Bit. My modpack is Illuminations, which is using Technic Solder. I truly appreciate your help, and hope I can get this resolved soon. Let me know if there is any other information you need me to provide. Take care and have
  4. I figured it out! I opened modpack.jar with WinZip, created in assets, minecraft > textures > gui > title > mojang.png! Thanks everyone!
  5. From what I can understand, this isn't Java school xD.
  6. No problem, Happy to help
  7. Try removing all your Javas. See https://www.java.com/en/download/installed.jsp?detect=jre&try=1 to detect your java.
  8. You've got the proper link with dropbox, just edit your modpack and add that exact link
  9. Does it show up at all in your resource pack screen? Try adding it manually to your Technic directory (~/library/application support/technic) for mac, or %appdata% windows. Then drag the unzipped root Resource pack folder into /modpacks/yourmodpack/resourcepacks. Hope this helped!
  10. Using TechnicLaucner V1 (main), select Minecraft, click the little gear at the bottom, to bring you to the vanilla options screen, then Select "Manually select a build" then use the drop down "Select build". Hope this helped
  11. I see, you meant the forge file. How do you recompile for though?
  12. Yes, but it is against the Eula to distribute the minecraft.jar, how do you distribute your modified mojang.png?
  13. Yes, you cannot change the mojang.png through a resource pack. See https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-40961. However, I play on this 1.7.10 modpack, Ultra Modded Survival 2, and they changed the mojang.png.
  14. Hi! My name is Dylan and I'm trying to create a custom loading screen with my modpack. I know that you need to unjar the minecraft.jar, then edit /title/mojang.png. However, since it is illegal to distribute the minecraft.jar, how do I ship a custom loading screen with my modpack?
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