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  1. Basicly, I can only be logged in on here, or on the main page. Plus, if I log in on the main page then log out, I still cannot log into the forums until I change my password.
  2. I have a custom mudpack, I would like to change the loading screen on it, I know it is possible because it was done for the apoc gaming tech and rpg modpack, how do you do that kind of thing?
  3. Where do we actually change it? Because one that I have, it is dropbox but the URL I had to copy was http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/tons-o-fun-modpack so how do I fix the dropbox link?
  4. I just got the lord of the rings modpack 1.6.2 that PixelmonBoss9558, and it loaded in vanilla 1.7.4. However, hexxit loaded as hexxit when I tested it. What should I do?
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