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  1. To be fair, the playstyle of both Zerg and Protoss are unique and therefor difficult for the gun-toting halfwits of today to wrap their brains around. Also, how many flight-capable vehicles are there in a map? I'm seeing a large amount of people (relatively) wanting to be pilots, and this usually ends in a full-rush to the vehicles at respawn.
  2. All well and good, but the speed of sugar cane growth = god awful. Milk/soup generator operates as fast as you can click. It also scales, so any argument about size of reed farm is defeated as well. The only factor is the starting lineup and knowing how to make RP2 items, but this is offset by you not having to know how to code Lua.
  3. Honesty is the best policy: The design does look pretty easy to replicate from the images, and basic to boot. The only technical aspect is the CC programs and redstone feeds, all of which are wireless to the device. I'd be interested to contribute any help if you'd like, or just to see the design plans first hand. I never give a chance up to learn a better technique, and I'd like to get a peek at FORTH firsthand rather than see theoreticals.
  4. 250%; the math isn't hard. 1 blaze rod grinded = 2.5x it's input. We can't really incorporate EU cost as there is no standard rate for this. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Av8qymsPh1AOdEwxTmpxelpqX1VOTHdRT3dMaTZIS1E#gid=0 Bottom right I calculate efficiency, without heed to EU cost in maceration. Still, exploiting the difference in macerated blazerods is nice, but milk generators are by far more easily set up in the beginning (though itdepends if you find blaze-rods easier to find than diamonds). This is efficiency per stroke dependant on EMC going into the product, but as milk and soup have no prerequisite in terms of alternate inputs (barring the mooshroom) they tend to be fantastic early on and quite effective. I tried it out for a bit and got 4 cows in a cycle using two EE condensers, and it worked wonderfully. Stacks of diamond blocks over a couple hours, and I ended up giving up on EE at that point.
  5. I suppose you are right, but this acts as a mechanism to keep people playing, thus keeping the game more accessible to people of all skill levels. I wonder if Planetside 2 will be able to keep its population at a sufficient level to be self-maintained. Popular games seem to attract more people due to being popular, thus prolonging their lifespan; the reverse is true as well. A good game without players has a harder time getting them, so it takes longer to launch. God I hope this game can maintain enough players; hype has to equal its deliverance, as any disparity between the two leads to less players in the end.
  6. Maybe the fallacy of a dinosaur not killing everyone in sight finally breaches kids heads when they learn what a T-Rex really was like? What we were sold as children isn't exactly living up to my expectations in neither blood-lust nor bodycount. I wasn't much for either as I was stuck with Beavis and Butthead/Ren and Stimpy, but the Teletubbies always reminded me of human/mosquito/acid hybrids and were a thing to be feared.
  7. The model is based around a game concept tried and validated through the likes of DOTA; its numbers keep it strong enough to entice people to continue playing, and the constant skin releases give people something to buy. Not to mention the entire game is largely disabled for free players (by that I mean the heroes), allowing only a few to be played for free at a time. As I believe Planetside2 isn't going to augment their sales by restricting content (because it is only cosmetic/shortcut sales) I still hold my skepticism. Not to mention it is a concept being based on a largely untested (relatively speaking) FPS-MMO.
  8. Did you decide on CC computers, or RP2? I'd be interested in seeing how you're doing this either way. Industrialcraft2: Provides power, machines, cables, building material (CF foam). Compact Solars: Add-on to IC2 that gives the HV Solar Array. This link for his math. Buildcraft: The quarry, pipes, redstone engines. ComputerCraft: The screen, CPU (the interpreter of the redstone signals). Redpower2: The redstone linking it all (Both from the computer and the wool looking thick cord that hooks to the redstone engines), the lights (illuminators). Power Converters: The Energy Links powering the wooden pipes. (Chickenbones) Wireless Redstone: Self explanatory; gives the dish-things you see in the screenshots. You missed your entire input and transfer system, Buildcraft. :P
  9. If they're not crafting the tnt to get it, they're cheating for it. Read the stickies and delete NEI server-side, then attempt to get a ban-on-placement working.
  10. I wouldn't mind learning some Lua or FORTH to automate some builds...

  11. Seems kinda simple, but be aware that the little black box under your inventory is a search bar; if there is anything typed in it, it will filter out all blocks save for what has that exact phrase in it.
  12. In my experience, people are drawn to "anarchy" servers (Normally read: incompetent staff). Tell me how many players you have in two months and we'll judge how well you're doing. Also you might be aware that removing the NEI mod server-side should help quell some of the issues, but Worldguard ban-on-placement should totally fix your issue. You could also take a visit to the stickies in this forum, namely: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/useful-guides-links-server-setup-guides-fixes-patches-more.11408/ Also, because you seem so fantastic at server ownership, this should bring you up to mediocre-status: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/so-you-got-yourself-a-tekkit-server.11260/
  13. I thought the math showing the amount of HV solars you used proved it was creative, but meh. As said before, the computer programs handling it are the impressive part, so no panty-twisting. You can't just cheat in good programming. Though if you want better suggestions on handling your machines basic operations, I'm open to questions; seems an awful lot of this resolves consumption issues by throwing power at it.
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