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  1. I could try_ I haven't made any mods before; expect stupidity_ I don't know how to use any coding except for Python 2.X and Pythonista_ I will gladly work with you on this_ Go ahead and PM me whenever you want to, and we can start to flail around trying to get things to work_ But, first, some essential questions: What version of MC do you want this to be on? Do you want it to be friendly with Bukkit? (I wouldn't know if this is a problem or not) What energy API would you prefer this to use? Do you like waffles? What compatibilities would you want this to have with which mods? Would there be a way to contact you besides this website? I'm normally on my phone late at night_ Any messaging app would work_ Otherwise, there's not much of a way for us to both be on at the same time to brainstorm and test things_ PS: The reason I use underscores is because my full stop button is jammed beyond repair_ Please PM me as soon as you can; I think this mod would be fun to make!