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  1. Why is there a german Polizei dog in the rules thread?
  2. But.. but.. but.., its like a hole new game! ;_;
  3. How I see the progress curve. [img width=800] In the later "end game" EE is just like creative mode.
  4. Re: ۞ TekkitCraft ۞ [128 Slots, Dedicated Highly modified, No Lagg?] Woot! Need to test that myself!
  5. Did you use vanilla redstone? Only redstone dust works afaik. Also in my version I have a button to change what the box is doing. [img width=800]
  6. Re: ۞ TekkitCraft ۞ [48 SLOTS PUBLIC] [Tekkit 2.0] [PvP/PvE] [Multiverse] [Towns] ++ Can we get a "what can you craft and what's working" list please? I dont want to waste emc for useless tools.
  7. Launcher/pack Version: / 2.0.0 Operating System: Win7 64bit Version of Java: Version 6 Update 31 Description of Problem: I am playing on this http://forums.technicpack.net/index.php/topic,152.0.html Server and every time I click an item inside of an output slot of any crafting device (table, inventory) the game gives me a "dirt screen". I reinstalled the launcher + tekkit and it fixed it for like 10 minutes. Now I have the same issue again :-\ Error Messages: N/A Link to pastebin of log: http://pastebin.com/Fa9awpAa Edit: Ok, just tested on my own server and its the same.
  8. Chunkloading blocks work in SMP?
  9. Please read your post again. And don't even reply. I won't answer you again *facepalm*
  10. Maybe he isn't a native English speaker? The "DE" in his name could stand for Germany. Just say'n.
  11. Same problem here. Didn't want to spam my other mail accounts, so I used trash mail.
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