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  1. It can get pretty heated when you have Morph alongside Erebus, Lycanite's Mobs, DivineRPG, and Mutant Creatures. But don't worry, I have tweaked the configs a little to ensure the Modpack stays balanced throughout the chaos.
  2. Main Page Here Latest Version: 1.1b The MAJECAL Journey Modpack Once you begin you will find various types of magic that diligent sorcerers can use to the fullest. Thaumaturgy, Witchery, Magical Farming, Blood Magic, and more will be at your finger tips. You will soon expand your kingdom into dimensions like the Nether, Erebus, and Dravite. You will spar with terrible creatures across the dozens of dimensions to prove your dominance over the elements. If you're successful, you will become the most powerful Sorcerer, or Sorceress, alive. Can you succeed against the terrible creatures of the night? Today is your day, the era of you, the era of MAJEC. The MAJECAL Journey Modpack is a pack about magic, more magic, and even more magic! It was created by two friends and myself. We really wanted to capture the essence of Minecraft and let it show in this pack. It's about exploration and survival. We made sure that it was challenging, but fun at the same time. No one is going to look down at you if you play in Survival instead of Hardcore. Your goal throughout the Modpack is to become the best sorcerer/sorceress in the world, no, the universe! This pack is still in beta. It is no where near finished, but the latest version seems stable enough to play on. We want feedback as soon as we can. Tell us what you think. Give us recommendations, critique anything you find irritating or unneeded, and report any bugs so we can fix them. This Modpack is about magic, hopefully you understand that by now, and due to that fact, we have avoided any type of distracting machinery that might take your attention away from becoming the best sorcerer/sorceress in the world. If you like machinery, there's still a little bit of magic themed machines hidden here and there, but not much. So if you like to build complicated systems in your Modpacks, you're out of luck here, sorry. As you can imagine, exploration is a huge part of Sorcery, and by extension, this Modpack. With huge ruins, ruthless dungeons, and plenty of dimensions to explore, the possibilities of what you can find and do are limited only by your imagination... and resources... but don't let that get you down. Go, explore the land that begs, and yearns to be seen! Beyond all of this talk of fun, and play, I need your help and recommendations. Please report any bugs you find, because if I don't know they exist, I can't fix them. I would love to hear recommendations of what to add to the Modpack, because I want it to be the best it can be. Just no machinery mods like ProjectRed or Buildcraft, those don't belong here. There are no defined goals in this Modpack, you set your own path. Here are some goals I recommend, just to get your creative juices flowing. My creative juices are more like creative Tea, but that doesn't matter Defeat all of the bosses present in the Modpack Collect all of the creatures present in the Modpack in Morph (Passive, Aggressive, and Neutral) (Definitely my personal favorite) Collect at least a stack of every valuable material present in the Modpack. What you believe is valuable may vary (Including the ones in other dimensions) Kill a finite amount of certain mobs present in the Modpack (This number and creature is of course, up to you) Kill a chosen boss in Hardcore Mode, kill multiple bosses in Hardcore Mode, or kill all of the bosses present in the Modpack in Hardcore mode Overcome a Roguelike Dungeon in one try without dying once (you can choose to limit the gear allowed, if you so choose) These are just recommendations. Make up your own goals and pursue them. Become the greatest sorcerer/sorceress in the world! Are you tired of Minecraft's same old boring GUI? Fear not! I am too, so I changed them. I haven't replaced the logo on the top yet, but pretty much everything else here is final. Here is the awesome new inventory screen! Thus far I have only changed the default Minecraft inventory screens, but I plan to change most of them. You might have also seen the new heart color and the changed Enviromine GUI. Here's a list of the mods: Advanced Thaumaturgy Ars Magica 2 ATG Ancient Warfare Backpacks Better Storage Bibliocraft Blood Magic Chicken Bones Custom Chest Loots Damage Indicators Deadly World Dimensional Doors Divine RPG EnviroMine Erebus Familiars API Familiars Default Mob Pack Familiars Extended Fampack Familiars Herobrine Fampack Gems+ Hardcore Ender Expansion Heart Crystals Inventory Tweaks Lycanite's Mobs Magical Crops Magical Talismans Magic Yarn Metallurgy Mine Tweaker 3 Morph Mutant Creatures Mystcraft Necromancy Not Enough Items Optifine Rei's Minimap Roguelike Dungeons Ruins Special Mobs Tinkers' Construct Thaumcraft 4 Thaumcraft Extras Tinkers' Mechworks TragicMC 1 Twilight Forest Underground Biomes Waila Witchery More may be coming... you can be excited about that... Also, go ahead and pitch me a few, I love to hear any that could work. The more obscure, the better. If you want to support the pack please give it a 1+! How to Download and Install Go Here and Download the Launcher Log in with your Minecraft Username and Password Click on the "Add New Pack" tab Paste "http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/the-majecal-journey-modpack" into it (without quotations) Go to the "The MAJECAL Journey Modpack" Tab and Click "Play" It will Begin to Download, and when it's finished you can play! Thank you for taking your time to read this!
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