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  1. the rumors of our death have been greatly exaggerated, stop back by and say Hi Link for thoise unable to figure out how to get the latest version
  2. the rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated. please join just as always. Link if it tells you your client is outdated
  3. i agree whole heartedly with frizzil, Funbob10 does some custom stuff with our server and he would charge for his services. I am quietly pushing for frizzil to implement the stuff needed for bukkit use mainly because the community deserves to have access to these things. I do not personally have any say in what funbob10 does with his code so ...... sorry... on the plus side i think he only charges like 10 bucks per update or something...
  4. thanks! this working for you now?
  5. yeah there is one built in its smp's revival
  6. i agree youtube is the best way to learn ANYTHING!
  7. the error message is it "outdated server" or "server requires newer version of hack/mine" they are two totally different messages.
  8. i would recommend mine but i noticed we come up first on lmgtfy so .... lan with buddies?
  9. wow, I am offended at the deepest level. are you calling us liars good sir?
  10. mmm ask frizzil, currently re-rolls work this way, we could implement something server specific but the problem is bigger than this one server.
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